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How the Starratt Family Foundation Began

After Alex was diagnosed Mark and Jennifer Starratt decided that they wanted to do something not only to help kids like Alex but people all over the country. The Starratt’s non-profit group is working to advance education and research for all kinds of neuromuscular diseases, including Muscular Dystrophy and ALS. 


In just a few short years, the foundation has already raised tens of thousands of dollars in support of research at the University of Calgary, but the family is looking to raise money that will help make a difference for the thousands of Canadians who suffer from these incurable diseases.

The Foundation

The Starratt Family Foundation was created by parents Mark Starratt and Jennifer Hayes Starratt. When their son, Alex was 15 months old, he was thought to have contracted a virus that settled in his spinal cord. Overnight, he went from cruising around with the help of furniture to not being able to put weight on his legs.


After months of not having a diagnosis, they were provided with a game plan that allowed them to work on building Alex’s strength and continuing his positive development.  After more than a year of therapy and considerable improvements, their world was rocked on November 15, 2011, when Alex was re-diagnosed.


Alex has a progressive, genetic condition called Spinal Muscular Atrophy Mark and Jennifer’s sights are now set on two things: providing Alex with the best proactive care to keep him strong and focusing on the impact that The Starratt Family Foundation can provide.

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